“Know your Locality”

Rishra is a prominent urban local body in the district of Hooghly – Hooghly being one of the southern districts of West Bengal. Located on the banks of River Ganges. Rishra is located between 22.72 latitude and 88.35 longitude …

“With the People, By the People, For the People … Rishra Municipality, Since-1944”

Rishra was a pre-colonial settlement on the bank of the river Ganges in the district of Hooghly in West Bengal. It has a rich Geographical, Historical & Cultural heritage. The flourishment of industries in different fields is obviously the call of the day and our State Govt. has rightly emphasized the very issue. With the sanctioning of DDP, municipal governance has entered into a new era. Our mission shall not only be reforms driven, but also be a fast track planned development of identified areas with focus on efficiency in Urban Infrastructure & Service Delivery Mechanism with an eye to community participation and accountability of Urban Local Body towards its citizens. It is now an Industry base ?Mini India? with the slum and non-slum people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari & Arunachal to Rajasthan having their own castes, creeds, religions and languages speaking has shaped it into a cosmopolitan one. Let us hope for the best and not for the worst. Let us work together to make our vision of developing the organically developed settlement into a well planed one.


Vijay Sagar Mishra, Chairman

Chairman’s Desk :

Dear Citizens of Rishra Municipal area, This is our first endeavor, to launch a Municipal Website & devoting the same for the benefit or betterment of yours. Though its our first step in the arena of Information Technology field, for which there must be some drawbacks which will be wiped out shortly. Hope, you will encourage us in this regard.Many works had already been done by us for the betterment of Rishra Town & much more will be done in later. We need your help & support only. We honestly expect your positive suggestions. We believe in the Participatory Democracy i.e “With the People-By the People-For the people”. Please participate in all Municipal Works as it’s your Municipality.

Under vision 2035 Rishra Municipality seeks to project a well Communication network for the entire area buttressed by well-knit network of Roads and Bypasses, the entire area under municipal administration as a “No Darkness Zone after Twilight”. A well sustained Sanitation system featured by well-knit drainage network with final outlet programming. A well funded Garbage Recycling System to subserve the requirement of ecological balancing, and finally a sustained programme for creating more greens to offer pollution free air to our people to inhale.

Still we believe we have miles to go before we sleep and the people will be our side to reach our motto.

Vijay Sagar Mishra, Chairman